Bombay Ochre Leather Wrap Journal with Tie Review

I am a journal-er. I write all the time, every day. Before I started to use fountain pens my daily journal was just a lined Moleskine journal, but once I started writing with fountain pens I realized I wanted something a little more fountain pen friendly. Leather journals have always appealed to me so I thought I would try one out. I wanted to find one that was decently affordable – in the past I had only seen them for around $50 in my local Barnes and Noble. I ventured into the store again about a month ago in search for a Moleskine Dotted Notebook and came across the Bombay Ochre Leather Wrap Journal with Tie. For $19.95 I had to try it.

The Look.


The color is actually more of a tan versus the orange-y color shown on the Barnes and Noble website – I personally prefer the tan color over the orange-y one anyway. The cover is a soft, suede-like leather material and is very appealing. The tie is nice but is a little on the loose side. I through my journal around a LOT and the tie tends to loosen up a lot. The journal is broken up into 4 64-paged sections for a total of 256 pages – this is nice if you need a notebook with different sections. It has a nice 6″ x 8.5″ size, which is a pretty standard size for any journal.  Overall, I like the look; it has a nice old-timey feel to it and that is something that appeals to me.

The Paper.


The paper in this journal is a heavy, thick, textured paper. It’s absorbent and dries fairly well. I have had some issues with smearing, but it doesn’t happen too often. I have been very happy with the paper. It doesn’t bleed through, nor does it show through. Those are both very good qualities in a journal I use everyday.



Because the paper is a little more on the absorbent side, there was a little bit of feathering with the 2 Jinhao pens. I mostly saw it in the Jinhao x450 which was filled with the Lamy Turquoise. It is very minimal, but I understand the people who prefer a smoother paper. I have had a good experience so far with the journal (I’ve written about 70 pages in the past 3 weeks) and I am happy with the purchase.


Southpaw note: The first section is a little tricky to write on. I had some issues where I couldn’t go all the way to the inside of the page when writing on the right side of the notebook because the binding is a little looser and each section has its own binding. Because of this I had to shift over my starting point on those pages until I got to the end of the section. It just made starting each line a little awkward.


Overall, I have really enjoyed this journal. For $20, it was definitely worth checking out. I know I’ll get another one of these once I have filled all of the pages in the current one.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or requests don’t hesitate to comment here or email me at

Thanks for reading!


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