Diamine Autumn Oak Ink Review

I’m back with another pen review! This time it’s an ink that is bringing in the fall season: Diamine Autumn Oak. I picked up this ink to match my Orange Desert Pilot Vanishing Point, and I think it is a good alternative to some of the other heavy shading red-oranges that are out there.


Dry Time: Between 5-10 seconds – pretty fast dry time.

Saturation: Not too saturated. You can see that it does from almost a yellow-orange to a red-orange.

Water Resistance: Very little resistance.

Shading: A LOT of shading! It goes from a yellow-orange to a red-orange and is very beautiful.

Flow: Wet-medium.

Ghosting: Some.

Bleedthrough: None.


Overall, I very much enjoy this ink. I don’t think it will be a daily writer for me or anything, but I am excited to try it out in my Noodler’s Ahab to maximize the shading, and for taking notes in class to highlight different equations or information that I really need.

The ink is a good alternative to Noodler’s Apache Sunset or Noodler’s Habanero. If you like orange-red inks that have a lot of shading, then this is one for you to check out!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or requests don’t hesitate to comment here or email me at lexie9894@live.com.

Thanks for reading!


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