Monday Musings

Hey everyone! I’m going to start a new thing on my blog called Monday Musings. I’ll just be a list of cool things I have seen and I think you should check out. Here we go!

Pen Related Things:

Ink Shot Review: Diamine Magical Forest at Gourmet Pens

Edison Nouveau Premiere Midnight Thunder Fall 2015 SE Fountain Pen at Goulet Pens

“Too Many” Pens Inked at The Pen Haul

Newton Pens “Moody” Review at Nib and Ink

Lamy 2000 Massdrop

Other Cool Things:

Liquid Water Exists on Mars, Boosting Hopes for Life There, NASA Says at CNN

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse 2015 Pictures and Video at The Telegraph

Things I Did:

Updates and New Things to The Southpaw Pen!

I don’t have a lot from this week because I’ve been studying for multiple exams this week. Hope you enjoy the reads!


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