Monday Musings

Pen Related Things:

The Economics of Limited Editions (Part 2) by Fountain Pen Economics

An Interview with Shawn Newton by The Pen Addict

Iroshizuku Inks and Their Meanings, Part 3 by On Fountain Pens

Visconti Homor Sapiens Overview by Goulet Pens

Shimmerfy your own inks. Because you can. by Leigh Reyes

Macro photos on a budget: what you’ll need with your iPhone by The Clicky Post

Other Cool Things:

Financial Predictions for Battle for Zendikar by TCG Player

Copolymer Helps Make Flexible Li-Ion Battery Electrodes by C&EN

Polymer Additive Reduces Risk of Jet Fuel Catching Fire by C&EN

Things I Did:

Edison Nouveau Premiere Fall 2015 Edition – Midnight Thunder Review


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