Waterman Mysterious Blue Ink Review

Hey everyone! This is my next installment of the October 2015 ink drop ink reviews! Every month after the Goulet Pen Company announces the monthly ink drop, I will review all 5 of the inks during the week so you can have an idea of what they all look like! This time it is Waterman Mysterious Blue.

Waterman Mysterious Blue



  • Quick dry time.
  • Workplace friendly.
  • A grey-blue that could be a nice alternative to a blue-black if you want something less dark.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Color could come off as a little dull.



It is a nice ink, but isn’t my favorite. It was a cool one to get a sample of, but I think the color is just a little too dull. If I want a blue/turquoise for daily use I would use Diamine Eau de Nil.

You can pick up a bottle of Waterman Mysterious Blue (50 mL) for $11.00 at the Goulet Pen Company.


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Thanks for reading!