Private Reserve Tanzanite Ink Review

Hello there! This will be the first of many ink reviews and I will be doing all of my ink reviews on Cane Fields Sugarcane Copy Paper. It’s a cheap, fountain-pen friendly paper that I really like and recommend.

I thought I’d start with my current go to purple – Private Reserve Tanzanite. The color is more of an indigo shade, leaning towards the blue side of the purple-blue spectrum.


Dry Time: The ink had a pretty decent dry time, and was completely dry somewhere around 10 seconds.

Saturation: I consider this medium-high saturation. You can see that each layer of ink that is put on does get a good bit darker.

Water Resistance: This ink would do fairly well in case of a spill. It would not be perfect, but it would still be legible if it were to get wet.

Shading: Not much – it is pretty monotone throughout the line.

Flow: Fairly wet; comes out easy and makes a nice line.

Ghosting: None – very little.

Bleedthrough: None.


I very much like this ink – it is a nice vibrant indigo, dries fairly quickly, and it has been a joy to have as a purple. It behaves well and I adore the color.

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Thanks for reading!