Cane Fields Sugarcane Copy Paper Review

Hey everyone! I’m back with another paper review. I picked up some Cane Fields Sugarcane Copy Paper today at my university’s Barnes and Noble bookstore because I needed blank paper to do homework on and write on for class. I had seen this paper mentioned/recommended a couple times on, so I thought I’d pick it up at $8.98 for 500 pages and give it a go.

I didn’t quite know what to expect with this paper, but I was very surprised by how nice it felt. The paper is very smooth feels great. It’s a little flimsier compared to the normal 20lb copy paper – I don’t know if that is because of the sugarcane fiber or not.




Overall, I very much enjoy using this paper. I think it would be great to use to make your own journal, sketch on, do your homework, or anything else you can think of. The paper is relatively cheap and very friendly to us fountain pen users.

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Norcom 80-Page Poly Composition Notebook Review

School is starting on Monday! That means I need to get some notebooks for class. I picked up these composition notebooks about 8 months ago when they were on sale at Wal-Mart for $0.25 (bargain!) as opposed to the regularly priced $0.75. I bought quite a few boxes of them because I couldn’t pass up the value.

Now that I am getting into the fountain pen world, I thought I would see if these notebooks are fountain pen friendly for my upcoming semester.

When I wanted to test the paper, I used a couple different pens and the inks I have in bottles to see how it would fair since I am using those pens and inks for school. I used a couple different pens to see if it had any bleeding, show through, or feathering.

As you can see, I was pleasantly surprised at how well this paper behaved. It was a very smooth paper and the pens just glided across it easily.

It’s hard to tell from the pictures  but I’d like to mention that I saw no feathering from any of the pens I used, including the Jinhao x750. I honestly expected that pen to show some feathering, but the paper was very smooth. As you can see, it smeared a little bit when I was writing with the Jinhao – something to be expected when being left handed.

Southpaw note: I’ve noticed a downside with this notebook – it doesn’t like to stay open. Since it doesn’t want to stay open, you have to use something (I use my cell phone) to keep it open while you are writing on the right page in the notebook. If you don’t, it kind of just folds on top of your hand and pen when you’re writing and it’s kind of annoying. That may be a turn off for some people.


I am super excited to have these notebooks for school this upcoming semester. I definitely recommend them to all students who are using fountain pens to take notes for their class.

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