Waterman Mysterious Blue Ink Review

Hey everyone! This is my next installment of the October 2015 ink drop ink reviews! Every month after the Goulet Pen Company announces the monthly ink drop, I will review all 5 of the inks during the week so you can have an idea of what they all look like! This time it is Waterman Mysterious Blue.

Waterman Mysterious Blue



  • Quick dry time.
  • Workplace friendly.
  • A grey-blue that could be a nice alternative to a blue-black if you want something less dark.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Color could come off as a little dull.



It is a nice ink, but isn’t my favorite. It was a cool one to get a sample of, but I think the color is just a little too dull. If I want a blue/turquoise for daily use I would use Diamine Eau de Nil.

You can pick up a bottle of Waterman Mysterious Blue (50 mL) for $11.00 at the Goulet Pen Company.


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Noodler’s Heart of Darkness Ink Review

Welcome back to another ink review on The Southpaw Pen! This ink I received in the October 2015 Goulet Pens ink drop named “Witching Hour” – a Halloween themed ink drop. I put it in my Vanishing Point and fell in love! I have a bottle of it on the way now and can’t wait to fill my Vanishing Point again.

Noodler’s Heart of Darkness



  • Well behaved.
  • Waterproof/bulletproof.
  • Nice solid black.
  • Workplace friendly.


  • If you like working with color, this is a fairly plain black.



I love this ink – it is a great workplace ink as well as just a general everyday writer. I can see why everyone is excited about this ink. It has great properties, well behaved on all sorts of paper, and is waterproof!

You can pick up Noodler’s Heart of Darkness at Goulet Pens for $19.00 for a 4.5oz bottle (with a free pen!).


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Diamine Eau de Nil Ink Review

Hey everyone! I’m back with another ink review! This time it is a beautiful color from Diamine called Eau de Nil. Currently, this dark turquoise is my favorite go to ink and I’ve been using it daily since I received it in a “Surprise Me!” sample from Goulet Pens.


Dry Time: 10-15 seconds

Saturation: Very saturated.

Water Resistance: A little resistant.

Shading: Some shading.

Flow: Wet.

Ghosting: Little.

Bleedthrough: None.


I love this ink. It is a dark turquoise, with almost an undertone of grey to it. I don’t think I’d consider it someones everyday writer, or work appropriate, but it is my favorite ink for journalling and for note taking. I have it currently inked in my Newton Custom Pen, and as of writing this review it is far and above all of the other inks I’ve tried as my favorite.

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Custom Newton Gibby Pen Review

Hey everyone! I received another pen this week that I am really excited about – a Newton Pen! When I first started reading about different pens, I was really interested in Newton Pens because of how amazing Shawn Newton’s products are as well as the message he brings to the fountain pen community with his scholarship fund for highschool students.

I did not create the design for this pen, it was all Shawn Newton. It was a pen that he had listed on his “Sales” section of his website. I have started at this pen for a couple of weeks now, wishing I could purchase it. I was able to pick up a couple hours at a local gaming store so I decided to buy the pen.

Custom Newton Gibby Pen – Small




Body Material: Ebonite and Acrylic
Color: Black, Blue, and Brown
Nib material: Stainless Steel
Fill type: Cartridge/Converter
Price: $250


One of my favorite things to see when it comes to packaging is that the packaging is one that protects the pen and is attractive. Shawn’s packaging not only accomplishes these things, but is also very practical! Whenever you order a pen, it comes packaged in a pen wrap made by Elizabeth Newton, Shawn’s wife, and delivered in a very nice tumbler mug! I think this is the best packaging anyone could do. Having something practical that someone can use everyday is much better than a case that will just be sitting in a box. On top of that, the pen wrap is very good for keeping your pen protected.


I really hope that other pen makers will adopt this practical style of packaging. Love.


Like I said, I stared at this pen on Shawn’s website for weeks because of how amazing it looked.

The pen is absolutely beautiful with the blue and brown acrylic body and the black ebonite for the grip and the cap. I love how much dimension that the blue and brown acrylic has in it – it’s things like this that I find beautiful and artistic. Another thing that caught my eye are the sliver bands. It shows off the acrylic even more because of the barrier it makes between it and the ebonite.


Nib and Performance

The nib is amazing, absolutely amazing. Shawn did a great job with the custom grind. When I sent him a description of I wanted, it was a mangled mess of words and Shawn did a great job interpreting it. The fine stub nib is the exact width that I want – a nib that can I use for everyday writing with a little bit of flair. And this is the exact thing that I received. No complaints whatsoever. I think I’ve fallen even more in love with steel nibs than I originally thought I had.


In Hand Feel and Balance

For me, the pen is a little large (I have small hands), but the pen is lightweight so that doesn’t matter too much. It is much more balanced unposted, but I can’t help but write with a pen posted. Even when it is posted, it still feels pretty good in my hand.

The ebonite is a great material for the grip as well. It is easy to hold, not slippery at all, and a beautiful material. I love how this pen feels in my hand.


Keep in mind that this is a SMALL pen if you get a custom pen. Shawn offers slim, small, medium, large, and oversized pens. If you get one, just make sure you are getting the right size.

Pros and Cons



Overall, I absolutely am in love with this pen, even if it is a little big. I think when I graduate I’ll design a pen of my own to order from Shawn, but this time I’ll do it in a slim size. The fine stub nib is amazing and I can’t wait to get another one!

If you want to read more and Shawn Newton and Newton Pens, visit his website here and see The Pen Addict’s interview with Shawn here.

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Edison Nouveau Premiere Fall 2015 Edition – Midnight Thunder Review

I recently purchased my first Edison pen from Goulet Pens and have so far have enjoyed my experiences writing with it. I just thought I would share my first impressions and overall review of this pen.

Hope you enjoy!

Edison Nouveau Premiere Fall 2015 Edition – Midnight Thunder




Body Material: Resin
Color: Blue
Length (capped): 150mm
Length (posted): 172mm
Barrel Diameter: 23.5mm
Nib material: Stainless Steel
Weight: 17g
Fill type: Cartridge/Converter
Price: $149
Where to buy: Goulet Pens until December 2015.


When I received the pen, it was in a nice case. The red color and the pattern on it are very attractive and are a great way to present the pen. Since this is a special edition pen, I would think that it would be better to put it in a case that matches the pen a little more – maybe a nice navy blue. Nevertheless, the case is beautiful.


After opening up the case, you see that the pen is fit very snug inside it. This is great because it shows that the pen was protected during the shipping. It takes a little bit on umfph to pull it out but that is okay. I also enjoyed the Edison Pen Company logo on the inside of the box. It is very professional, and bring the whole ensemble together.


Overall, I think the presentation is great. The Edison Pen Company really has the art of this ensemble down to a T. You can tell that the packaging is the result of a lot of effort on their part.


One of the reasons to buy  one of these pens is that the Edison Nouveau Premiere line is the color choices that the Grays and the Goulets decide on for each of the pens. The color scheme for the Midnight Thunder pen is fantastic. The pen has a dark navy blue base with white and red accents; the dark blue almost seems black but in the light the blue shows itself and sparkles.


The design of the Premiere pen has two points on the ends, one on the cap and one on the bottom of the pen. I could see how this could turn people off to this pen. The points are bold and make a statement and that is something I personally like about it.

Nib and Performance

I ordered a fine nib when purchasing this pen and have been overjoyed with its performance. The line thickness and variation are very similar to the TWSBI Eco nib I have. The Edison nib needs almost no pressure to put down a nice line and that is something I have enjoyed. A lot of my experience with cheaper steel nib pens is that sometimes they take a bit more pressure to write with. You can tell when writing with this nib that it is not cheap. It writes very well and has had no startup or stopping issues when I’ve been using it.


I have little experience with gold nibs, as the Vanishing Point is my only gold nib pen, but I currently think I prefer steel nibs and the Edison nib is by far my favorite I have tried so far.

In Hand Feel and Balance

The pen is a very lightweight pen at 17g. It is also a very slim pen which is good for me because I have very small hands. Overall, I like the balance and feel in my hand. I prefer the pen posted when I am writing versus unposted. When it is unposted the pen feels a little small and off-balance – for anyone who has larger hands I would suggest keeping the pen posted when writing.


Overall, the weight of the pen and the slimness of the pen are two qualities I find very nice in a pen. It is easy to write with for long periods of time when I am taking notes at school or when I am having a long writing session when journaling or writing letters.

Pros and Cons



Overall, I love this pen. The appearance, the nib performance, the balance of the pen, and the overall pen in general are great. The quality and craftsmanship in this pen are great for the price. The steel nib is phenomenal and I am excited to see what other colors and designs the Grays and the Goulets come up with next.

For more information about The Edison Pen Company, visit their website here. If you would like to see more pens that The Goulet Pen Company is offering, you can visit their website here.

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Rohrer & Klingner Smaragdgrün Ink Review

This was my first experience with Rohrer & Klingner and I was very surprised that I liked this color so much. The Smaragdgrün is a nice green-blue color and has some nice colors in it. Hope you enjoy!


Dry Time: 15-20 seconds.

Saturation: Medium.

Water Resistance: Very little.

Shading: Some.

Flow: Medium.

Ghosting: Some.

Bleedthrough: None!

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Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Budo Ink Review

I can see why people like the Iroshizuku line so much – the colors are vibrant and well behaved. The Yama-Budo ink had some good shading properties and some beautiful colors. Hope you enjoy!


Dry Time: 10-15 seconds.

Saturation: High saturation.

Water Resistance: Medium resistance.

Shading: A little – medium. I can see multiple shades, it was just mostly on the darker side with less shading.

Ghosting: Some.

Bleedthrough: Very little.

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